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can't say about myself cuz i know i'm good whatever i do.

Favorite Series
Arrow Season 4 Episode 8
I just want to say for this episode is that is this really an arrow's episode or what.... first from the "flash" they want a help n they get help from the arrow. that part i can understand. but mixing it with arrow season is like they are just wan it to play along with it.. n yeah when the lady spoke greek, i also bit know some greek and it's not really mean what they want us to believe on. please don't make it as a google translated. if you're paying for it make a better episode. this episode w
The Flash
The flash is back... After every episode till now I've watched, the season 2 got much better than first one. Great, editing, great drama, anything u can imagine with, n also in the end it always keeps a person to watch more n more. And also the best part of it is that Mr. wells is back, by creating more dramatization that anyone haven't expected. hope u liked my review.
The Voice
it's the best show. you can say sometimes all 4 judges makes mistakes by taking wrong decisions, but sometimes it's like breath taking. Sometimes you say i don't want to watch anymore but sometimes you get goose bombs (last time i got goose bombs when sting got into wwe n he challenged the game triple H). it always gets interested at some points. hope this one helps.
this is the great show u can imagine, in the end of every episode it always gets twisted n make viewer to wait for the next episode. the first 2 seasons are good no doubt, but 3rd season was convoluted, but the 4th season is like it's coming back to game. hope for the best.
it's not that good as i thought it would be... the acting is not that good. i thought they would say clark kenton or the superman for the man of steel instead they're only using his reference. the first episode was a little bit interesting but the 2nd episode made me not to look more of supergirl episodes cuz i don't think so that i have to explain everything cuz it got many glitches..